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The project relies on it’s volunteer force who collect, check and share information helping us in the preservation and management of this incredible monument.

Here are some resources for our registered volunteers
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Many of those that volunteer or just walk the trails take photographs of the area and have done for some time. If you want to send us some of your pictures taken from the trail please let us know. Volunteers and members of the public wishing to help monitor the monument using photographs, please read these guidelines written for work carried out on Hadrian's wall: Fixed-point photographic monitoring on Hadrian's Wall Path
There are several forms that you could use depending on what you want to record. For example, if you would like to make a written note of what the area is like around a part of the monument (or indeed path/footpath), you may wish to use a form or at least use it as a prompt for what you would like to record. Similarly if you would like to take photos of the area (perhaps together with the written record), then you may wish to use a form to record what it was, the time of day, the conditions on that time/day, etc. Most of all - record your location! You can use an app on your smartphone or may simply wish to use an online map when you get home and take the coordinates from there.
Most 'smartphones' nowadays has the ability to record voice messages or voice notes - use that and remember - record your position and describe the time of day, the conditions and the coordinates.

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