(North Worcestershire Archaeology Group)

The North Worcestershire Archaeology Group is a group of enthusiastic and knowledgeable volunteers that have carried out numerous site investigations using a variety of methods over it’s years.
This site is to compliment the group’s own website (http://www.northwag.org/) and the sites and finds they have investigated.

The sites investigated include the following (access to registered users only):

Investigating sites with care:

CiFA have policies and procedures surrounding any ‘prospecting’ which include GIS, Remote Sensing, Drone use, etc. .

Another place for essential guides is http://guides.archaeologydataservice.ac.uk/g2gp/Photogram_Toc from the ADS which also explain different image formats (vector, raster, etc.).

The QGIS training requires a project reference (which you have, which recognises the site to the local authority) and once found and recorded, logs the information as required.  This includes the wider landscape.