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A set of multi-media and 3-d embeds that will be of use on web sites, LinkedIn page and other social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) and online training/tuition.

The examples below include ThingLink, SketchFab and ActionBound image/embeds as well as MapsMarker Pro (a Vale of Evesham example) and later QGIS embeds (another addon) and all punctuated using Zotero citation software (can be used in Word, Excel, OpenOffice, etc. as well as on WordPress websites) and CANVAS – online training course.
At the bottom is an example of TablePress with a TablePressChart (I hope)

ThingLink example

ThingLink image

SketchFab example

Interior Altar Area Simplified 3d Mesh by tcornah on Sketchfab

ActionBound example

ActionBound test – a tour of things to do for the University of Worcester Karate group. Potential use for the Market Gardening Project or other such tours of Worcestershire.
Please click on the image below, or try scanning it from the ActionBound app (available on multiple platforms – click on the link to download the app).

MapsMarker (addon) example

Vale of Evesham map showing Market Gardening Heritage Project key points

TablePress (addon) example

ProduceNo. of growersCount / tonnage
Spring onions2225

H5P examples

Examples below are using H5P technology – the first is from an activity designed on the website and embedded, the next are from the WordPress addon.


CANVAS example course

CANVAS online trainig / learning course sample

Note: Please email me if you would like to be included as a student to see the content or complete the form below.

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Mackey, I. (2018) Ian Mackey, Archaeological Outreach, CCAG, ARA, Offa’s Dyke Association. Available at:
Mackey, I. (2017) Actionbound sites.  The Arboretum, Worcester, UK. Available at: (Accessed: 4 August 2016).
Cornah, T. (2019) Tim Cornah, 3-d models. Available at: (Accessed: 19 March 2020).

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